About iSEW


Hi, my name is Mascha and I am the proud mom of three beautiful children and Owner Founder of iSEW Sewing Studio in Cape Town.

I have been sewing since I was 9 and have always made most of my clothing. With studying Fashion Design and working in the clothing industry for 9 years I have gained experience in clothing construction for Mens, Ladies, Kids, Lingerie and Bridal wear. This experience I love to share and thus the iSew Sewing Studio was born where I also get to teach my passion. I teach what I know combining sewing techniques from the home sewing industry with that of the clothing industry. I write all my own notes and make full colour tutorials where need be. The aim is to learn to sew in an organic way where I am growing with my students, meeting their needs as they arise.

About iSew Sewing Studio

iSew is a Boutique Sewing Studio established in 2015 offering sewing classes to small groups in the comfort of my studio. Classes are aimed to teach, inspire and build confidence in the home sewer. iSew Sewing Studio has grown from strength to strength and I am grateful and delighted with all my lovely students, past, present and future! 

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